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A Trail To Samosir

The car toward Parapat moved in high speed, crossing the road up and down along the rubber and palm oil plantations. Sometimes I wanted to close my eyes and sleep, but the beauty of the tightly packed rows of trees always made me amazed and realize how rich this country is (with its natural products). As the car passed the hectares of plantations, it started crossing through the forest path and gradually lined on side by dark blue lake surface.

Pelabuhan Tiga RajaPort of Tiga Raja

The sky was cloudy when we arrived at the Port of Tiga Raja after that five-hour road trip from Kuala Namu Airport. No need to wait, as we got there, a ferry boat would already soon leave for the island. We immediately boarded, in a minute the boat moved slowly away from the port side to the middle of the lake. As a slight rain started to fall, it did not make me move from the top deck of the boat. The wind was blowing such the balmy breeze, very cool, typically fresh mountain air. Time flew, as far as my eyes can see for almost an hour sailing treated by mountainous vistas that are so divine.

Boat slowly approached the island, and I saw many lake resorts lining the shore of the lake. One by one, the passengers get off at the dock nearby their destination in the village of Tuk Tuk including us. I was thanking God while talking to myself: well, finally I set foot on the island of Samosir, an Island in between Lake Toba, after two years ago failed to come here. :D. I had been curious about the fame of this island, which is famous as the home to one of the Indonesian tribe, Batak.

Having almost-24-hour staying in the island, exploring and capturing the views, not all of its beauty could be photographed, because sometimes just wanted to leave my camera behind, enjoy the local and recorded it in my own memory. Hahah.

Cloudy SkyAs far as I can see during cross the lake

The Only Road to Go Around the IslandThe only road to go around the island

Another spot of lake viewAnother view of Lake Toba

The VillageAmbarita village, stated in sub-district Simanindo

A dry tree in the edge of the lakeA dry tree on the edge of the lake

A fisherman boatFishing in the morning

Saltstone SculptureParulubalangan, an ancient site of stone salt sculpture

The House of King SiallaganThe house of Huta Siallagan

Ruma Bolon, The Traditional Batak HouseRuma Bolon, the traditional Batak house

Stone Parsidangan, to adjudicate criminals or violators of customary lawBatu Parsidangan, to adjudicate criminals or violators of customary law

White sand shoreParbaba, a white sandy beach in Samosir

HillA green hill that facing the lake


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