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A Taste of India in Batu Caves

I agree that The Government of Malaysia pays more attention in exploiting their tourism potential than the government of my country. A good public transport facility is one of the factors to attract tourists visiting any destination. As I can easily get to Batu Cave from Kuala Lumpur just by taking KTM Komuter Batu Caves-Port Klang line. With a very comfortable train, from KL Sentral only cost RM 2 to Batu Caves station. The station is located directly in front of the entrance of The Batu Caves Temple.

Statue of Hanuman

Entering the temple area, I was immediately greeted by a 15-meter tall statue of Hanuman. And as indicating that Hanuman is a king, then a flock of wild monkeys hanging around. The Hindu deity statues were engraved neat while a group of young Indians was also holding a ritual in the temple. Suddenly I felt like in the world of the Ramayana epic from the land of Hindustan.

Actually, Batu Caves is a place of worship for the Indian Hindu. It was built in late 19th century by an Indian trader, Pillai, as a dedication to Lord Murugan. So that before entering the main temple, Temple Cave, I met another giant statue with 42.7-meter high. It is statue of Murugan, The Hindu deity. To enter the Temple Cave, I had to climb 272 steps that are quite steep.

Batu Caves is located about 13 km north of Kuala Lumpur and built in a limestone hill. From the structure of the cliff, it reminded me to the Lembah Harau (valley) in West Sumatra Indonesia.

Entrance Temple (please ignore the man taking selfie)

The main gate before entering Temple Cave

Statues of creatures in Epic Ramayana

Statues of characters in Ramayana Statue on top of the temple building

Fauna of Batu Caves


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