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Muslim Quarter: Heaven of Delicacies in Xi’an

Just take a walk to the north of Xi’an Drum Tower in city center, you will find hundreds of food vendors along the street. This about-500-meter-long street is called Beiyuanmen Muslim Street or also better known as Xi’an Muslim Quarter. Just as its name, here is the place for Muslim community in city of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China. They live around the city center and are the descendants of Hui tribe. That’s why there are about ten mosques around this area including The Great Mosque.

During three-day stay in the city of Xi’an, there was no day I missed to go here. Of course for adventuring the authentic local Chinese foods, and I swear I never regretted. The sounds of the crowded street, the sights of the vendors and shoppers, and the smells are very fantastic. Moreover, I could choose any food and no need to worry to eat it. There are lots of barbecue food offered here, the most common is lamb but they also have lots kind of food made from chicken, beef, squid, and crab as long as not pork. And you will not be able to find alcohol sold here. Yes, probably here is the only place where all the Chinese foods are halal.

Walking along the Muslim Street, you will not only see the vendors selling their foods but also the attractions of street cooking. Here in Muslim Quarter, you might be patient just to wait for a skewer of lamb meat to be grilled or must be standing in a long queue just for a bunch of Rou Jia Mo. On both sides of the street you may see a group of men making hand-made sweets with various peanuts or you can watch a man playing with white dough pulling and twisting it. All those foods and attractions are waiting for you to enjoy. And for me those also make taking street photos is fun.

Here are some photos I captured while busy holding and chewing foods.

And.. I wish I could capture the smells as well…


Drum Tower in Xi’an city center


Statues describe the daily life of Xi’an people


The Muslim Street will be more crowded at night


This grilled lamb stall in Muslim Street uses giant skewer from branches


You have to pay 10 Yuan in advance for one skewer of lamb and wait until it’s grilled


This is it. A savory, spicy and tender grilled lamb. Delicious!


Here in Muslim Quarter, they even do butchery on the street side


No meat left


Sorry for an unappropriate picture but this view is common here


This stall is the most crowded, I had to queue for half hour just for a bunch of Rou Jia Mo


Rou Jia Mo priced 15 Yuan. Sandwich-like, beef or lamb, this is a must-try item for anyone who’s in this area


Frozen Yogurt cube in various flavor with various slices of fruits


12 Yuan each


I don’t know what its name. It’s kind of cake made from sticky rice dipped in sweet and sour sauce


Bread (Nan), pizza-like, but they put sesame on top of it that make it tasty


Fried mashed sweet potatoes


Crispy outside and creamy read bean paste inside


10 Yuan for a jar of halal labeled yogurt, drink the yogurt and keep the jar as a souvenir


Noodle restaurant


Cold noodle, this is the strangest I ever tasted


Spicy cooked leg of lambs. Hmm..


This stall sells steamed sticky rice flour with various toppings


Squids and crabs in skewers


Not only spicy and savory foods, in Muslim Street you will also be able to find unique refreshment in Xi’an like roasted walnut


or also lots kind of dried fruits


Dates and dried local fruits


Persimmons from Lintong District of Xi’an. This is the dried version sprinkled with white sugar, I really love it. It is very tasty, sweet and soft.

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